Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Orange Crush

I'm not sure when my crush for all things orange began.

It wasn't my favorite color growing up.
That was pink!

But I love it now! 

I love it's warmth.

House and Home Magazine

I love it's energy.

roxnn blog

I love it's playfulness.

Sara Bengur Interiors

I like that it can be sophisticated too.

Palmer Weiss Interior Designer,  Matthew Millman, Photographer

I love the way it complements other colors.

Elle Decor

Stephen Gambrill, Interior Designer

I love how it can range from hot, hot, hot.... to not.

Donna Rosen Interiors

roxnn blog

I love how crisp and clean it looks when paired with white.

And when it's mixed with pumpkins and gold and takes on a burnt look.......? 
Yeah I love that!

PCB Interiors

(Yes, Texans love burnt orange!)

I know there are people on both sides of the orange fencing...

So which side are you on????
(Don't answer that Kathysue!)


  1. That Stephen Gambrill room is luscious! Orange is one of my favourite colors too..

  2. Those orange images are very inspiring. I think Orange is as happy as yellow but with warmth and anything that reminds me of the sun makes me happy....great post. Thanks

  3. Yes, orange is warm and happy ! That bright orange sofa is calling my name.

  4. I've been warming up to orange lately, and these pictures are heating things up even more!! I especially like the bedrooms from House and Home and Donna Rosen Interiors.

    Funny -- when I was sitting in the waiting room at physio this morning, I noticed that each wall is painted a different colour. And my favourite wall was the orange one :-)


  5. Orange gives a room great energy, even if you just you a little of it.
    BTW I have that Dwell bedding in my guest room!
    xo xo

  6. I love orange as an accent but have never used it myself. My post today was green - we are on a color thread, Sally!

  7. I love orange accents, particularly in flowers. Had a party last week and bought some orange roses that were beautiful. They made a real statement.

  8. I'm definitely on the I LOVE ORANGE side!! These rooms you've shown are lucious! Wonderful round up. Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it!

  9. I've always been a color girl. I can appreciate any and all! Orange is always chic and a very warm and appropriate color for so many situations. Lovely showcase you have today :)

  10. I'm definitely on the Love side of the orange fence! Love this post, and Love orange!!

    xo Linda

  11. Just found your site and love it! Now following! I adore orange as dining room is done in orange and blue.


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