Friday, July 30, 2010

That juxtaposition thing.

Sometimes you run across a photo of a room where one thing jumps out and pulls you it or no...and then when you stay with it a minute, you see all kinds of other things to like...or no..

Yep....This is one of those rooms for me.

This isn't a new pic to the blogesphere, but I just really started studying it the other day, and began to see some of Jenna Lyon's design brilliance shining through.

If you were to only see the top half of this room might see it as soft French country...gray walls, antique chandelier, beautiful high ceilings and dentil moldings.  You might even notice the iron balconies outside the full length French doors. 

But if you were to see only the bottom half of the room, might have a different impression...lots of color and graphics, a mix of modern and traditional furniture pieces...a bit of fun and whimsy thrown in for good measure...(I mean, who puts flokati rugs over their chairs?)

This rooms demonstrates to me why good eclectic design takes some skill, some bravery and a good bit of talent to acheive.

I think I'm jealous!

What do you think? 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Orange Crush

I'm not sure when my crush for all things orange began.

It wasn't my favorite color growing up.
That was pink!

But I love it now! 

I love it's warmth.

House and Home Magazine

I love it's energy.

roxnn blog

I love it's playfulness.

Sara Bengur Interiors

I like that it can be sophisticated too.

Palmer Weiss Interior Designer,  Matthew Millman, Photographer

I love the way it complements other colors.

Elle Decor

Stephen Gambrill, Interior Designer

I love how it can range from hot, hot, hot.... to not.

Donna Rosen Interiors

roxnn blog

I love how crisp and clean it looks when paired with white.

And when it's mixed with pumpkins and gold and takes on a burnt look.......? 
Yeah I love that!

PCB Interiors

(Yes, Texans love burnt orange!)

I know there are people on both sides of the orange fencing...

So which side are you on????
(Don't answer that Kathysue!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Barn love

How do you put some life into a converted barn?

Blackburn Architects, Leesville Va.

A raspberry sectional, of course!
(and certainly this gi-nourmous dog.....but I kind of love gi-nourmous dogs!)

Much, much, much to love here.
Do you have a fav?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Going to the chapel......

I'm off to the beautiful Texas Hill Country,

to celebrate the marriage of two great young people.

Congrats! Whitney and Mason!

See Yall next week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a Difference a Drape Makes

Here's a little fabric inspiration today from the wonderful designer, Phoebe Howard.

Want to see some more fabric inspiration? 
My first bi-monthly post for LowerOakLawn blog runs today (posts at 11amCST).  I'll be covering the fabric houses of the Dallas Design District for this wonderful blog, and today's post is all about Updated Classics.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

....And the Domino falls.

If you keep up with Divine Distractions, you know that the team at Sally J Designs have been up to our elbows in kitchen design over the last couple of weeks. 

It's hard to do kitchens for other people and not reflect upon your own.

This is my kitchen....Country French mode....time warp!

I've enjoyed my kitchen for the last 8 years.  I've loved Country French most of my did my mom.
I love color....always will.

That's just not me anymore.

Designers, probably more than anyone else, fall in and out of love with design styles, and while I'm not "out of love" with Country French, I'm more "in love" with a clean and modern aesthetic.

It's not an easy leap from one design style to another....sigh....

I spent last weekend painting my open plan living area in this

Sherwin Williams "Macadamia"

And the trim in this...

Sherwin Williams "Dover White"
This looks really yellow here....think white!

Do you see my problem?

The paint colors throughout my house all had a warm golden base to them (think SW "Blonde"), and now I've changed the game.  While "Macadamia" is a warm beige, it has alot of brown and gray in it. 

Macadamia, cool and modern, and buttery yellow, distressed cabinets just can't live together any more.

And to complicate matters even further,all reds and golds are going by-by throughout the house, and I'm using these fabrics in orange and deep turquoise along with a good bit of black,white and some navy.

Duralee - Thomas Paul collection, Kravet velvet

Can you say TOTAL REDO!!!!

All I really wanted to do was paint my bathroom,

my sink cabinet...way too much junk on the countertop...please forgive! 

(Can you tell this was my "Artist's Boho Period"???)

...which led to changing out the wall color...then the trim had to be changed.....
Are you following me here?

I need your help.
I would never go about designing a client's home the way I've done mine.
Working off of a "whim" is not generally the progression I follow.  And to complicate matters, I have no budget!!

I HAVE to paint my kitchen, cabinets and all.
I'm open for suggestions.
I like the dark base cabinets, and I like the light uppers'
But I'm not married to anything ( or anyone, for that matter!  LOL)

Other than keeping my copper ceiling....which I love....
I'm open to change....guess you could tell that!
Colors are fair game.

I want suggestions.  What would you do with the cabinets? 
(Burning down is not an option.)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can you Think Pink?

I'm meeting with one of my sweet clients today to talk about her new townhome. 
We're going classically feminine. 

Could this space be inspiration?  

Oh, yeah.....

Photos are of the home of Jackie Alberga shown in House and Home magazine.

Contact the team at Sally J. Designs for all your design and decorating needs.
We make your dreams a reality!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinner? Anyone?

When was the last time you had a dinner party? 

You know, the kind where you make a great meal, dress out your table and yourself, serve the good wine and put on some quiet background music? 

Yeah, I thought so....been a while?  Huh? 

I think we have become so casual in our approach to entertaining (and everything else) that we don't do many "dress - up" things any more.  It's just easier to throw on a pair of jeans and flip flops and go "hang out" with friends and family.

And that's ok...

Let's just think a minute about those wonderful settings where we might share a special meal or try to impress the boss or just do it for old time's sake!

The Dining Room....the dressiest place in the house.
Tom Stringer, Interior designer

Jackie Alberga featured in House and Home

Keith Irvine, Interior designer

Kara Mann, Interior Designer - Traditional Home

Richard Halberg and Barbara Wiseley, Interior designers

Neal Stewart, D-Home magazine

Barry Dixon, Interior Designer

Jeffrey Bilhuber, Interior Designer

Ralph Lauren

Suzanne Kasler, Interior Designer

Shiela Bridges, Interior Designer.  Her apt. in Harlem

John Saladino, Interior Designer

OK...are you inspired?
Now, go cook some dinner!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mid week Inspiration

It's Wednesday...again! 
I don't know where the days go any more, but we are so busy these days that it seems like they are whizzing by.

Wish I had time for a nice long, leisurely post, but it just ain't happening today!

But I found a lovely photo from a room designed by one of my favorite designers, Mary McDonald.  Perhaps you'll be inspired by Mary's beautiful work.

Go forth, and create!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is the Bedspread Back?

Layers and layers are sort of the hallmark of most beautiful beds.

We layer the coverlets and duvet covers over bedskirts and top them with throws at the end of the bed and pile of the pillows. 

It's lovely.
Paul Joseph Hopper, Interior Designer

But what about the bedspread??

As a little girl, I had a bedspread.  I remember one in pink chennile. 

I remember my mother teaching me how to arrange the pillows so that when I turned the top of the spread back, the pillows would be perfectly tucked in.  There was a lot of running from side to side as I recall. 

Could that be why we switched to a comforter or a duvet....because they were easier to make up??


But I'm loving the bedspread.


I've had this one from Horchow in my favorites folder for quite some time.

Pretty in Pink, and loving the tufting and the little hem detail on this one.

Black and white toile is always a classic. 

Can't you just feel the crisp Egyptian cotton of these spreads?  I love the really tight ruffles, but what takes it over the top for me are the down comforters folded on the ends.

Burnout velvet brings a touch of elegance to this bedspread.

These are also from Horchow.  I think they are actually the same spread as the first one in different material.  Do you think it's imperative to have monogrammed pillows gracing the bedspread?   I think almost every picture I found features a monogram.  I guess great minds think alike!

I'm liking the trend back to the about you?